#pasajes FILMADRID at Filmoteca Española, Cine Doré, Madrid on May 8th at 8PM

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Tal día hizo un año For The Time Being is now available for streaming worldwide on MUBI!

– interview with BR Kultur

– reviews by TAZ and DIE ZEIT

– a few personal words about the film on Notebook Column


FILMEXPLORER's Giuseppe Di Salvatore on For The Time Being:  

"[...] I ask myself whether it makes sense to put words on a film that has almost no dialogue. One should find non-words for it, liberating non-words that can express the wordless experience of watching the film. Or one should try to repeat some words, again and again, until the words themselves undress, take their meaning off. The silence resounds, lets the sounds resonate, the minimal sound of the wind, of ephemeral birds in the leaves. The film calmly establishes the coordinates of a place, a realm that will then be haunted by the film itself, that will then explore the Place, even challenge it."

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26 – 29/01/2021

The 56. Solothurner Filmtage will present For The Time Being in an online edition of the Swiss Panorama section & digital Q&A in German on January 27, 6:30 PM 


Tal día hizo un año For The Time Being receives the Critics Award at the Galician Filmfestival Novos Cinemas in Pontevedra!!! 8–)


Upcoming screenings in November and December:

Festival de Cine Europeo, Sevilla, Spain, 06/11–14/11/20 (theatrical & online)

Nordic Film Days, Lübeck, Germany, 04/11–08/11/20 (online) 

Antofacine, Antofagasta, Chile, 10/11–17/11/20 (online)

Laceno D'Oro Int. Film Festival, Italy: 10/12/20 (6pm, online, 24h)

Novos Cinemas, Pontevedra, Spain, 17/12/20 (theatrical)


Tal día hizo un año For The Time Being is now playing at the Cineteca Mexicana in Mexico City as part of the Black Canvas Contemporary Filmfestival and Natalia Durand contributed the following words.

27/02 + 01/03/2020

Screenings at the 6. Woche der Kritik in Berlin, Germany

& some words by Javier H. Estrada for GOETHE INSTITUT availabe in Spanish & German.


Now playing at Eye Film Museum Amsterdam as part of 'Dag Van Dwarse Film' 2020

21/01/2020 – 28/01/2020

Tal día hizo un año For The Time Being will be part of the feature lenght competition at 41st Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis

followed by it's international premiere on January 24th at the 49th IFFR Rotterdam!

& studio other types designed this beautiful film poster <3